What We Do (when no-one’s looking!)

Perhaps the bad news is the Three Like Minds (3LM) are not management consultants, trainers, psychologists or human resource specialists. We haven’t an NLP, CBT or Myers-Briggs qualification to our name, and we’ll try not to borrow your watch to tell you the time.

However, the good news is we’ve sold stuff, we’ve grown businesses, we’ve shrunk businesses, and we’ve hired and fired. We’ve operated internationally, dealt with the press, with investors, venture capitalists and with the powers-that-be. We’ve accrued air-miles by the bucket-load, relocated, moved and come back again. We’ve made money and we’ve lost money. We’ve done the techie start-up and we’ve danced the corporate waltz. Some things we’ve done well, others not so. 3LM have learned lessons along the way and if we can bring some of that knowledge, and one or two of those experiences to your attention, and to your aid, then so much the better.

Having known one another for many years we know we often, though not exclusively, think with a like-mind, and we aim to bring this collective operational expertise to bear within your set-up. We’re confident we can quickly get to grips with your business and appreciate the issues you may be facing.

Collectively, our diverse experience encompasses the whole organisational spectrum from people to product, from design to delivery and from finance to facilities management. Specifically, we’re not too shabby at defining, developing and executing effective ‘go-to-market’, ‘turn-around’ or ‘scaling’ strategies which plan, predict and manage the impact on a business, its teams, its leaders and its customers. Our style has been referred to as ‘hands-on but arm’s length’.

At the risk of making us sound like corporate gunslingers, I guess 3LM are trouble-shooters, but hopefully pragmatic and realistic ones. And ones who are able to make a real difference to you, your business and your life. We would certainly have welcomed our advice and guidance during our earlier careers!

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