The price of everything and the value of nothing!

Having made a big-play on the fact that we’re not your traditional management consultants we can hardly go ahead and charge you in the age-old manner they continue to do! Exorbitant, and frankly, obscene levels of hourly & daily rates are not for us, or for our clients.

The one single thing that commits 3LM to operating in the right manner for your business is having 'skin in the game'. We are happy only when we are being rewarded upon operational performance you do well, we do well. Most likely, this could be in the form of either an equity share in the business, a one-off performance payment or consulting fee based entirely upon revenue and/or profit growth .

As you can see, 3LM are quite happy to share the risk, focus on the return, and charge in the most suitable and performance-appropriate manner.

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