Welcome to Three Like Minds

Can you recall those first feelings of freedom? Wind in your hair, the steadying hand gone from your shoulder, a tentative kick and off down the beach you sped without a care in the world. And what about when you eventually plucked up courage to go down ‘the big slide’ at the pool for the first time, or tentatively scaled the unimaginable heights of the playground’s cargo net? As soon as you’d done it, it was oh-so easy, it was child’s play.

Since those carefree and innocent days everything seems to have become so complicated and so confused. Life, business, family, money, technology, the future, your future – it’s all following a worryingly similar pattern.

Now, we concede it would be naïve in the extreme to believe we can simplify everything to the nature of mere child’s play but a new set of simplistic, yet perceptive, eyes & ears may be just what are needed. We’re like-minded individuals who have most likely been where you are today and we’re going to take a good hard look at your current situation and ask you to answer some pretty tricky business questions.

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